How to get a Puppy ?




 Interested in one of our Puppies?


If you are interested in one of our litters, please contact us.


We do not have puppy questionnaires or waiting lists.


Just let us know about you, your interest in the breed and

your intentions with the puppy.




Love, Time and Energy


We put a lot of love, time and energy in our dogs and in their offsprings.

Finding the right Home for our puppies is a very hard work, but for us,

the most important one.


Our future puppy owners must be willing to train their puppies and to

keep them healthy and happy. This involves proper diet,

socialization and exercise.




 Advice and Support


We are always happy to provide advice and to support

for the life of our puppies.


We enjoy staing in touch with our

puppies and their families. 



Puppy Package


When a puppy leaves our house, we will supply to the new owners, who will continue to take care of our puppy, the following items:


Veterinary certificate attesting the good health of the puppy, 

a small handbook containing a personal instruction and most important tips, 

Puppy food for the beginning

International Pet Passport:

completed with the needed vaccinations for the current year and Microchip

the puppy will be dewormed several times

Selling Contract, Original Pedigree and DNA-Profile 






Our puppy owners


We have been fortunate in finding wonderful new owners

for our dog's.


They are people who are just as delighted as

we are to look after them, who put our advices into practice

and who fives the best possibile conditions to our beloved dog's.