Proud to present you the Newfie

Is a Newfie the right Breed for me?

If you can't stand dog slobber, the Newfie is not a dog for you. He drools, a lot! 


The Newfie is a lang, strong build dog. He was originally used as a working dog to pull nets for fishermen and haul wood from the forest. He is a hardworking dog, suited for work on land and water.


To keep a Newfie's coat looking great, he needs regular grooming.


The Newfie thrives in cool climates, he can be adapt to live in warmer climates. To protect him from heat stroke, please keep him near air conditioning when it's really hot.


To get a healthy dog, look for a reputable breeder who tests her breeding dogs to make sure, they're free of genetic diseases and they have sound temperaments.

Overall impression

The Newfoundland is a working dog that specializes in heavy hauling and working in water. He has to impress by his strength, size and substance, as well as by his calm amiable nature.


The lovable gentle and benevolent character, the broad and powerful trunk (croup), his massive bone structure, and his powerful muscles. Everything in it is arranged in such a way that it can perform its function in a balanced and perfect way. Exactly for these switched on, on the island of his ancestors who gave him his name, were also selected, even if he was still used today for these functions, he would be able to fulfill these tasks.


Each part of its structure must adapt to the others without exaggeration and without defects.

In this way we obtain the profile of a large dog with a proud head posture with a strong, long neck, a well angulated shoulder, with a well defined withers, a well developed chest (in all its dimensions) with straight forelegs, massive bone structure, with a straight back line, a long and broad croup with correct inclination, a wide and strong thigh, with short and strong hocks, with well angulated hindquarters, no tucked up belly line, a strong and sufficiently long tail, a compact coat with the right texture and above all a correct movement, which is then the result of all the excellent characteristics just mentioned.





The temperament and his impressive size underline the special character of this breed. In particular he should appear calm and friendly and not show any reserve or shyness towards strangers. Despite his impressive size this breed characteristic is eminently important.


The Newfoundland is characterized by gentleness; this is the most important single characteristic of this breed. As this is the most important single characteristic, any kind of fear, aggression and distrust is unacceptable and should be severely punished. 

Health Problems

Here you can find a small health seminar who was given in 2013.


The Health and Longevity committee is pleased to announce an educational talk by veterinary cardiologist, Dr. Joshua Stern DVM, DACVIM, of north Carolina State University. Dr Stern's lab focuses on the genetic causes of cardiac disease in dogs and cats.


The Grooming

Below you can follow the grooming of a Newfoundlander step by step from washing, blow-drying and trimming by Penny Shubert:

Dog Show's

Our Newfies on show's

The Standard's

Newfoundland FCI Standard
Here you can download the FCI Standard Nr. 50
Newfoundland FCI Standard.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 424.0 KB
Newfoundland AKC Standard
Here you can download the FAKC Standard.
AKC Newfoundland Standard.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 189.4 KB

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