Thank you by Fairweather's


I would never be where I'm now, without our great dogs and my great past.


 First of all, thanks to my parents for have grown me up in the Fairweather's fairytale!


Thanks to those who believed in us, entrusting their confidence in us allowing us to have some

of their great dogs or prestigious blood lines in the past: 

Allan and Denise Robins, Peggy and Dave Helming, Diane and Ken Price, 

Cerol Bergmann, Manuela Streicher, Sven Lovenkear and Einar Paulsen, 

Sonia and Vlado Krokovi, Béla Siklosi, Erminio Avanzi, Viviana Vergerio...


To obtain some of these magnificent results, I would like to extend my special thanks to

all owners of our puppies and all judges who have judges our dogs.


And a special Thank you goes to Johanna and Tommi Eskeleinen, Tina and Aimee Stanton, 

Brigitte and Antoon Thewissen, Fabio Allegra and Marzia Cusatis 

for have always been on my side since I was a little girl

and who have always supported me!

Thanks to Sara Zalama and Maciej Ziolkowski for being such a good friend in and out the dog world!


And since some years, I need to say thank you to Gabriel Pascarella

and his mum Francesca Friggone in a very special way,

for have taught me so many things about Dachshunds.