The by Fairweather's History



My Father owned a Newfie named Cerol.

Her register Name was "Main Tickle Fairweather's".


This picture was taken in 1996 at a Dogshow in Lausanne, Switzerland

where my Father was showing Cerol.


The day my parents meat each other...



My Mother Loredana fall immediately in love with Newfies.

So my Parents decide to have two other Newies.


So they got Julie "Any Chance For You" and her brother Bruce "And I'm Great To Be Back".


Unfortunately Cerol left my parents very early.

So they dedicated our Kennel Name to her in 1997, calling it "Fairweather's"...


In the mean time my older sister Michelle and I joined the Salina family.


Six months after my birth, Julie (the female in the picture) was the mother of the first Fairweather's Litter. The Fairweather's A Litter, from which we keeped our beloved Sam "Fairweather's A Great Pretender".


 Julie's Brother Bruce made us really proud! 


He was the first Newfie which we owned who receive the Register of Merit (ROM) from US.


Bruce owned some Champion Titles, the most important ones are the American Champion,

the Reproduction Champion and the International Champion.


He won BOB at Crufts.

 After our first litter with Sam we had the opportunity to have 30 lovely litters

in 20 years of breeding. 


Sam was, and still is, an amazing Newfie!


At the age of 15 months, he got Best of Breed at the World Dog Show in Milano in 2000.


He followed the steps of his uncle Bruce receiving as well the Register of Merit (ROM) and many other Champion Titles.



I grow up in a amazing Newfie Fairy tale and learned a lot during this 22 years.


Not only from my Parents, but also from all people who cooperated with us in the past.


After those years supporting and helping my parents with the Fairweather's Kennel.


I'm honored to have my own kennel named "by Fairweather's"...