About us

Our Kennel was born in 1997 from a deep passion that still endures today,

at a distance of years and continues, day after day, to give us a strong enthusiasm.


If we are here to tell you our history it's only thanks to our dogs as well as our family,

a family who has given life to the "Fairweather's" Fairytale...


My name is Noemi Salina and I was born in September 1998, 6 months before our first litter...


My parents owned and breed Newfoundland's before I was born. The Newfies owns me, as I literally grow up with them.

At the age of 16 years, I fall in love with Dachshund's as well and now, I own and breed both breeds.


Both breeds are lovely and so special in their own way but very different from each other.

What I miss in a Newfoundland I can find in a Dachshund and what I miss in a Dachshund, I can find in a Newfoundland.


They are certainly the best combination you can have at home!